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Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices with over 20 years’ experience servicing OEM partners with bespoke device requirements. Teleflex provides product development, outsourcing and regulatory services to original equipment manufacturers around the world.

Bring your intranasal drug to market leveraging Teleflex’s OEM expertise

At Teleflex, we fully understand our role within your supply chain. We realise that in choosing Teleflex VaxINator for intranasal drug delivery, it becomes an integral part of your product offering, and any delays or issues in device production can have major implications on finished product supply.

Teleflex’s core business is high-volume manufacturing and supply of consumable medical devices worldwide. Through its global manufacturing capability and extensive expertise in demand planning, inventory and warehousing management, and logistics, Teleflex is ideally positioned to mitigate supply chain risks. With Teleflex as your intranasal drug delivery partner, you gain access to this network and expertise.

We are committed to investing significant time and effort into demand planning and risk mitigation to ensure high quality product supply when you need it and where you need it.

Benefits of partnering with Teleflex

  1. Profound know-how and longstanding expertise in intranasal drug delivery technology
  2. Highly qualified and experienced staff with a solution-oriented, partnership approach
  3. Full project coordination, including design and development, manufacturing, testing, service and regulatory support
  4. Excellent process efficiency to ensure optimal return on investment and rapid time to market
  5. Flexible in-house manufacturing and reputable third-party testing to ensure optimum product quality
  6. Highly responsive, ongoing service and support

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