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Product Overview

Teleflex VaxINator™ is a simple, disposable, easy to use and physician-friendly mucosal atomization device designed to meet the needs of a pharmaceutical company looking for a cost-effective, single-dose intranasal vaccine or drug delivery device.

Teleflex VaxINator™: your partner for intranasal drug delivery

Teleflex VaxINator™ is an intranasal mucosal atomization device designed to deliver medication effectively into the nasal cavity. Utilising the same atomization technology as the LMA MAD Nasal™, Teleflex VaxINator™ is an ideal device for drugs or vaccines indicated for intranasal drug delivery.

Unlike other devices, Teleflex VaxINator™ can be used with any standard luer lock syringe and any standard storage bottle – there is no need to develop a proprietary or pre-filled solution. The device atomizes medication, delivering a wide, even spray plume with particles 30-100 microns in size to enable broad deposition across the nasal mucosa.

An optional addition to the system is the auto-disable syringe which enables the automatic disablement of both the Teleflex VaxINator™ and syringe after drug delivery. Using the auto-disable syringe also results in low device dead space (less than 0.05ml compared with 0.1ml with a standard syringe), helping to reduce medication waste.

The simplicity and elegance of the device design enable high-quality, high-volume manufacturing ensuring that  Teleflex VaxINator™ is both a reliable and cost-effective OEM option.

Key benefits

  1. Intuitive, disposable and portable design
  2. Drugs are atomized into a fine mist of particles 30-100 microns in size
  3. Low activation pressure required for typical fluid volume
  4. Low dead space – just 0.05 ml – to maximise drug cost efficiency
  5. Ideal for drugs or vaccines indicated for intranasal drug delivery

Product specifications

Length 0.65 in / 16.5 mm
Diameter 0.75 in / 19 mm
Typical Teleflex VaxINator™
device dead space
0.05 mL
Typical particle size distribution* 30-100 micron
Typical spray pattern** 35.0 – 41.2 mm
Typical plume geometry** Spray Angle 75°
Plume Width 79 mm
* When measured at 5 cm from laser. ** When measured at 3 cm from laser.

Product features


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Why Teleflex for OEM?

Teleflex is a global provider of medical devices with over 20 years’ experience servicing OEM partners with bespoke device requirements. As a full-service provider, Teleflex delivers all the product development and production services you need to get your ideas off the drawing board and into the market.

We have the extensive expertise and decades of experience in delivering innovative solutions for your toughest, new product challenges. That is why we are the “go to” people for OEMs worldwide who want to partner with a true leader in custom-engineered products. In choosing to work with Teleflex as your intranasal drug delivery partner, you can be assured that your needs will be the core focus of the partnership.

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